I've been stopped for having no insurance whilst test driving a car. Will I lose my licence?

I am 18 years and 9 months old. I am the named driver on my uncle's TPFT insurance policy for a 2001 1.4-litre Honda Civic four-door saloon. I was recently test driving a Renault Clio, accompanied by the owner of that car who was a trader and had a fully comprehensive trade policy, but the police stopped me and booked me for driving without insurance because trader policies don't cover under-21s. Because my licence is only 11 months old, if I receive six points I will lose it. I assumed that because I am insured on my uncle's car as a named driver I would be insured on the Clio. Please help.

Asked on 13 September 2010 by amiiir

Answered by Lucy
Any benefit of doubt will be at the discretion of the CPS or of the magistrate if you let the case go to court. Ignorance of the law is not usually an adequate defence, though. HJ.

If you genuinely thought you were insured but were not, then you may have a Special Reasons argument in which case you may avoid the penalty points associated with the offence. Although being a named driver on your uncle's policy would not normally have afforded you insurance, you could have reasonably expected to have been covered on the trader's policy. To make a Special Reasons argument you cannot accept any fixed penalty but will need to have the case heard in court. Please supply a telephone number and I will arrange for a colleague to call you to go through your options. There is no charge for the telephone advice call but if you subsequently opt to have us represent you then unless you have legal insurance with us we will charge for legal assistance. LBC.
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