Our insurance company says we have to make claim on our insurance after a minor knock? Is this right?

Our motorhome knocked wing mirrors with a much larger motorhome in France. We filled in the Constat Amiable D'Accident Automobile (which we had a copy of in English) and agreed as well as we could with the language barrier that it was knock for knock or 50-50. We have replaced our mirror at a cost much less than the insurance excess. However, our insurance company has now been in touch saying that we have to make a claim and that the costs are put together and split between the insurance companies. We would prefer not to make a claim as no doubt our premiums will go up. We thought in the case of a knock for knock or 50-50 each insurer paid it’s own customer. Do we have to claim?

Asked on 17 October 2017 by Linda Henderson

Answered by Tim Kelly
Hi Linda, it depends on whether the other party have made a claim on their insurance or not. If they have not, then no you do not. If they have, they you will have too. Contact your insurer and ask if they have had any communication with the other parties insurance company, ask for proof of third party outlay and confirmation of their excess. If both your claim for damages and their claim for damages is less than each respective parties excess applicable, both parties can cancel the claim. It Should then go as "for notification purpose only".
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