I accidentally misfuelled my car - but my insurance firm says I don't have a claim?

I have inadvertently filled my 2013 Range Rover Sport Black SDV6 with petrol in France. The car had a quarter tank of diesel and I noticed nothing for about 100 miles just before our destination. After checking in and returning to the car I found it wouldn't start. I then realised the error after smelling the fuel filler. Red Pennant organised recovery to a local garage for inspection and an attempt to fix it. After a week the car was returned to me. The petrol had not been drained. The car has been transported back to the UK where repairs will start on 7th July. My insurance company has said I don't have a claim as I didn't realise the error and drove away. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.

Asked on 14 June 2017 by NewtonPhil

Answered by Tim Kelly
Your insurer is wrong, it is "accidental" and not wilful or malicious damage. It is not mechanical failure, so they cannot refuse. Contact your insurer and advise them of this. As long as you took all reasonable action once you were aware to limit the damage, you have acted with due diligence. If you have been "negligent" in your actions, i.e. you knew you had filled it with petrol and continued to drive, then you would not be covered. Refer to www.motorclaimguru.co.uk should you get into difficulties in your dealings with your insurer. But complain first of all and make a complaint to the chief executive.
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