My premium increased because my daughter claimed on my policy - can this be corrected?

My daughter had a claim while she was on my car insurance two years ago. She has her own insurance now (with that claim registered). LV - who I'm insured with - have registered it as a claim against me, as well my daughter on the shared data base. Now other insurers increase their quote for me. I asked LV to correct it and, although they agreed it was wrong, they only put a note on their records to say it was not me. I'm now stuck with LV as other insurers think I've claimed. Can I get them put it right ? I've not had an accident in 40 years of driving.

Asked on 7 September 2017 by Mike

Answered by Honest John
If your daughter had a claim on your policy, then the details on CUE (the underwriting database) are correct. You have claimed on your policy. Your daughter has to make them aware she had an accident on your policy (her risk) and the claim was your policy (your risk). Unfortunately the details will not be changed, because they are correct.
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