I hit an unregistered car - will my insurance company sort it out?

I clipped a parked car trying to squeeze past in a narrow street. Exchanged details after calling at a nearby house. Only got a name and mobile phone number as he said it was sort of a courtesy car whilst his was repaired. However, as I wanted to find what the make and model of the car for the insurance claim, I entered the registered number on the DVLA site and it came back as not found. I also checked on askmid and it came back as not insured. I will obviously have try and contact the chap and confirm the registered number, but what do I do about the insurance claim? Do I just provide the details I have and leave it up to my insurance company to sort out?

Asked on 23 May 2017 by gentle giant

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact the gent again. The vehicle may be a leased courtesy car, and may be a pre-prefix sale i.e. not yet technically registered, or registered in the dealers name. If it's a garage courtesy car, it will be on a block trade policy and often may not turn up on MID. Contact the owner/user again and ask him where the courtesy car was from. Then contact them directly. If you can afford it, offer to pay the damage yourself. If not, then contact your insurer and leave it to them.
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