Damage was done to my car from loose road chippings - will my premium go up if I lose the case against the council?

Two weeks ago, I drove on a lane near my home which had just been treated with loose chippings. All the appropriate signage was there to adhere to 10mph, which is what I did. However, I immediately realised a vast amount of chippings were hitting the car and I slowed to 5mph, When I returned home, I inspected the car and found numerous dings and scratches along each sill and at the bottom of each door. Since then I have requested and received a claim form from Shropshire Council. Will my insurance increase whether I win the case or if I lose the case? An estimate from the main Dealers is for £3005.

Asked on 6 September 2017 by dickydoo

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you're not involving your insurer then your insurance should not increase. If it does, then you need to incorporate this in the claim that you make to the council. The question that could be asked is, after seeing the signs, why did you continue to drive if you were concerned damage may occur to your car. This is because you've contributed to the damage caused by continuing to drive. Should it be because there was no where to turn, and traffic was behind you, then you may well have had no option but to continue.
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