My father has died - can I drive his car on my insurance until it's sold?

My 92 year old father has passed away having recently renewed his insurance. I have always had permission to drive his car using my insurance cover, although it only covers me third party. Is it legal for me to drive the car until it is sold?

Asked on 2 August 2017 by David Kenyon

Answered by Tim Kelly
Sorry to hear of your loss. No, because the person who holds the contract is now deceased, the contract is unenforceable. Contact his insurer and advise them of the situation and ask for a refund in full if it was within 14 days. No charge should be made. If it was longer than that, dependent on how he paid, they are allowed to charge a cancellation fee, but will recredit the source of payment for any remaining months. You will need to re-insure to continue using it. It will however show on MIAFTR as having a contract of insurance in place if it was not cancelled, which would cover you on the extension of use on your policy.
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