Is there a way to get dashcam footage onto my iPad without needing a USB?

My wife and I only use iPads in our house to connect to our WiFi. They have no aux/USB sockets to connect to other devices. I would like to buy a dash cam for the obvious safety reasons. The problem is that dash cams have to be formatted on a PC before use. I'm having trouble finding suitable cams that do not have to be formatted before use. Please can you suggest a few examples of dash cams at the cheaper end of the market that can be used without being formatted?

Asked on 1 August 2017 by

Answered by John Slavin
Actually most modern dash cameras don't need to be connected to a PC at all, they can be installed into the car straight from the box without being hooked up to a PC. If you need to format and wipe a memory card this can be done within the set up menus in the dash camera itself.

If you need to access the footage from your dash camera on your iPad then you're best off with a Nextbase 312GW, 412GW or 512GW. These all have built-in WiFi, meaning you can connect them to your iPad without wires and download important clips, using the simple Nextbase application.
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