What diesel cars, with no DPF, are economical and could tow a small caravan?

I'm having difficulty finding a reliable, economical car for under £2000 which meets all my criteria. It needs to have a high seating position, high ground clearance and room in the back to out a bike would be nice (but not essential). It also needs to be capable of towing a small caravan and preferably isn't too technical. I would particularly like to know which of the newest MPV/SUV diesel vehicles within my budget don't have a DPF as I don't want expensive engine repair bills. I'm nervous of petrol engines in flooded road conditions (unless there are some petrol vehicles that can cope as well as diesel in same conditions). I've mostly owned older diesel vans/cars (no DPF) as they are also cheaper to run. I'm also worried about the impending taxes and bans on older diesel vehicles, so would also like to know if buying a smaller diesel engine, like a 1.6, with no DPF will make a difference in terms of any new legislation?

Asked on 20 July 2017 by Teresa Gardener

Answered by Honest John
£2000 does not guarantee a reliable car, never mind one that fits all the criteria you require. Obviously the more it can tow the bigger it has to be and therefore the less economical. In floods, if any water gets into the fuel system of a diesel engine it will suffer hydraulic lock and bend its conrods. All we know about proposed anti diesel legislation so far is that diesels prior to EU6 will be prohibited from many city centres, but the government is not suddenly going to turn around and condemn 10,000,000 diesels to death. To get a diesel without a DPF it will be at least seven years old and many diesels up to 15 years old had DPFs. I think your best bet might be a Nissan Terrano II. Not economical. But has proper 4WD with low range and can tow a substantial weight.
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