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My motorbike has been insured in America while I was there - why have I now got a penalty warning for having no UK insurance?

In April, I temporarily imported my Triumph motorbike into the USA to use on a 3 month road trip. I couldn't SORN because it is a requirement for the road tax to remain current. I let my UK insurance lapse as I had taken out a policy issued by a USA insurer (as required). On my return I found a penalty warning notice from MID/DVLA due to the bike being uninsured for UK use. I have used the DVLA's online message service to explain why it would have been pointless maintaining a UK issued policy but all I got back was a 'standard' reply which just repeated what was said on the warning letter. I will of course restart my UK insurance once the bike completes its sea journey home. If the penalty notice arrives what should I do?

Asked on 21 July 2017 by Jack Hilton

Answered by Tim Kelly
Reply back in writing to them explaining what you have written here. You cannot receive a penalty for being uninsured for UK use when it is not in the UK. It's up to them to prove the vehicle was in use without insurance.
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