I have 12 years NCD, but my insurer only document up to nine - how do I prove my full NCD to my new insurer?

My car insurance broker, Swinton, issued me with a letter to confirm that in July last year (2016) I had 12 years of no claims. Aviva who I insured with last year only go up to nine years NCD, so that's what they state on my renewal. Two issues arise from this now I want to change to another insurer. One is that I only have a document showing nine years NCD and if I quote that on my application I'm giving incorrect information. If I give the correct - now 13 years no claims - I cannot get documentary evidence from Aviva to prove it, so insurance will be refused. As insurers take off a number of years of your NCD if you make a claim, it is important to have your full entitlement declared. What would you advise?

Asked on 17 July 2017 by Ann Grimes

Answered by Tim Kelly
It will not make any difference, six is the maximum amount that affects your policy. You could have seven, ten, thirty - all would have the same effect. Tell you next insurer the full amount and if queried just advise that this is the most that Aviva document. You do have documentary evidence, as all you need to do is present them with the previous insurers proof of no claims if you needed too, that is valid for three years.
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