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What SUV/crossover will offer the most comfortable ride and best back support?

I want a new Crossover/SUV and it has to be a petrol automatic. I'm not concerned about handling or how fast it can go. I'm after a vehicle with the softest ride for someone who suffers significant back problems. The car will be driven predominantly on urban streets. I have narrowed it down to the following four cars and chose the top versions because they have adjustable lumbar support. I was wondering if you could put them in order of ride comfort: Toyota RAV4 2.5 Litre Petrol Hybrid CVT 4X4 Excel, Toyota RAV4 2.0 Litre Petrol CVT 4X4 Excel, Nissan Qashqai Tekna+ DIG-T 115 1.2 CVT and Honda CR-V 2 Litre i-VTEC Petrol Automatic 4X4 SR/EX.

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The softest of these with the best seats is the Honda CR-V. No ball of fire to drive and the transmission tends to hunt for the right gear quite a lot, but very comfortable and handles better than the RAV-4. The RAV-4 hybrid will probably be more economical and the 2.0 CVT less economical. There have been reliability problems with the Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T engine and with the CVT transmission.

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