New Mercedes-Benz GLC broken down three times - what should we do?

We bought a new GLC in early 2016. In July last year the fuel pump failed and the car stopped suddenly on a busy A road. In September the air suspension failed totally and the car had to be towed away and took weeks to repair. At the time Mercedes HQ said, in writing, they would "help us get out of the car" if it failed again. Well the suspension failed again over a week ago. The car is still being 'diagnosed' by Mercedes and its HQ is now refusing to honour its offer to "help us get out of the car." What can we do? I have emailed the chief exec but have been fobbed off. Oh, and the car has the crabbing problem everyone else has reported and the embarrassingly squeaky brakes.

Asked on 8 June 2017 by Suzannah Stuart

Answered by Honest John
After a year's use you would not, of course, get a full refund. Account would be take of the age of the car and the mileage you had travelled in it. Unfortunately MBUK plays hard-ball in the County Courts so you could spend £15,000 on a case and still lose. Even if you won you would not get back your legal and court expenses. Theoretically you have a case, but in practice it could turn out a lot more difficult. Wait and see what they say after the diagnosis. Then, possibly, talk to a specialist solicitor. More:
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