Can I be forced to pay a fine on a car I've never owned?

I've received a letter from a collection company saying I didn't attend court in a different county regarding a car I've never owned. They sent letters to my old address so I wasn't aware of this. I called to explain this mistake and they said I must pay £630 then can appeal afterwards, but if I don't pay then the bailiffs will come drill my locks and take £630 value of goods and the fine will increase. I've contacted Citizens Advice and they said I must pay it. Is this correct? Why should I pay something that has nothing to do with me just to claim it back later?

Asked on 17 March 2017 by Rich

Answered by Honest John
The answer is to pay the £630 and warn the bailiffs in writing sent by post office special delivery that you propose to sue them using Small Claims not only for the return of the £630 but for all of your costs and all of your time billed at the hourly rate you get paid for your employment. Then use to make your claim.
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