What's your advice regarding my faulty automatic Ford Focus?

I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus automatic in March 2015. On the drive home I felt the gears were not working properly. I decided it might be different from my old Ford Focus so waited a while. I eventually wrote to Ford and they advised me to take it to my local dealer. They initially said there was nothing wrong. I debated this with them. I returned it to them again and ask an engineer to drive it with me. He immediately took it to a nearby ramp and confirmed it was juddering and was a problem they were aware of. They replaced the clutch plates. They have now done this three times the last being in March this year. As Ford has extended the guarantee on this car they must have been aware of the problem when they sold me the car. I wrote to the dealer who sold me the car explaining I wanted either a replacement car or my money back. They have sent me a letter from a legal firm saying that the dealer wants to inspect it. While I am willing to comply I would very much appreciate your comments and advice.

Asked on 1 June 2017 by R FRith

Answered by Honest John
Though this is a common and fundamental problem and you could try to use Clegg v Olle Andersson House of Lords 2003 I can't guarantee that you would win your case. There have been Class Actions against Ford in the USA and demonstrations in Thailand so there is plenty of support. See: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/ Quite a lot more evidence here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/ford/focus-2011/?sec.../
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