Issued a parking charge because pupil conducted an emergency stop - is this legal?

My local authority, sent me a PCN stating that I stopped my car outside a school entrance with the yellow zigzag lines. However, it was not parked or stopped on the lines but in the middle left of the road, about two metres away from the kerb. The car was not in my control as it was used by my pupil in a driving test. Basically, the DVSA examiner asked her to conduct an emergency stop and the car stopped outside of the school for around 10 seconds before moving off. I have appealed but they have not changed their decision, indicating that the whole width of the road is governed by the yellow zigzag lines. I've contracted the Test Centre concerned, but as far as I know if you are not parked on the yellow lines itself and not offloading people, I am not breaking the law. I've checked the highway code, but it seems vague. I can think of situations when you have temporarily stop the car in that area: meeting traffic, real emergency and stalling the car. I can't imagine you should get a ticket every time.

Asked on 27 May 2017 by GreyIbiza

Answered by Honest John
Your pupil was performing an emergency stop in the course of a driving test as instructed by the examiner. By your local authority's logic, had a child been crossing the road at that point, your pupil would have had to run the child over. A council cannot make it illegal to perform an emergency stop. Remember, you did not commit any offence. If an offence was committed it was by your pupil under direct instruction from an official DVLA Driving Test Examiner.
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