If a CCJ rules against me and I refuse to pay, will my credit file be affected?

I've been taken to court for non-payment of a parking fine by a private company. While there is lots of information available about how to get out of paying a parking fine, I can't find much information about what to do once it actually goes to court. I believe the company were profiteering, sitting in the cafe or a car opposite waiting to sting people once they had changed the parking restrictions outside a shop without adequate signage. Where can I get advice about how to present my evidence so as to win the case? They threaten that my credit file will be affected. Is this true if they rule against me or is this only true if I refuse to pay the ruling? That's my main concern here. I want to protect my credit rating as the priority. I will consider just paying the fine out of court if my credit file is automatically affected, but will keep going with my defence if I can still pay the penalty at judgement without my credit file being damaged.

Asked on 24 May 2017 by Tiggytoph

Answered by Honest John
The law is on their side, but if you can prove that the parking restriction signs were inadequate then you might win: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/private-parking-penalties/ If a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is made against you and you fail to pay then that will affect your credit rating. It should not if you pay up. However, when asking for credit you will always be asked if there are any CCJs against you and it's obviously better if there aren't.
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