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Most recently answered parking ticket questions
Do I have to pay a debt they say I owe?
I was issued a parking ticket for parking in the car park of a pub. Is this fair?
I parked on a school crossing and got a parking ticket because I was partially obstructing the tactile pavement next to the single yellow line. Should I contest this and argue that it should have been...
I went to the shop and parked in a 20 minute space but the queue was long. I was issued a parking ticket for being 32 mins. How can I avoid this fine?
I have received a ticket for obstructing a dropped kerb. There were no markings on the road indicating the kerb was in use and should not be obstructed. Is the council right to issue a ticket and deny...
I have just received a £100 parking charge notice from Parking Eye for using the Crewe Arms Hotel in Crewe for apparently around 30 minutes. It was late in the evening around 11pm and quite dark hence...
I received a PCN on my car last night. After further inspection I have noticed one of the letters is wrong in the registration. Is the PCN then invalid? I assume it will go to another registration?
I've been issued a parking ticket for staying 23 hours in a Sainsbury's car park even though I only stayed 1 hour 35 minutes. Cars are allowed to stay up to two hours there. What now?
I received a parking ticket on the on 4 January 2018 while sitting in my car for 36 minutes, waiting to pick up a friend from the Mayflower Terminal short stay car park. Parking Eye say the fine is £100,...
I received a PCN from Parking Eye for overstaying. I paid for 120 minutes and stayed 147 minutes. We planned to pay for any excess when we left by buying an extra ticket. When we tried to do this (on two...

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