Is it smart to buy a new car from a dealer that's 75 miles away?

I'm about to buy a new BMW 320I Touring and have obtained good offers from both Drive the Deal and Carwow. In fact Drive the Deal are a few hundred pounds cheaper than Carwow, but their dealer is 75 miles from where I live. On the other hand, the Carwow dealer is only 17 miles away. Obviously servicing isn't a problem as any BMW dealer can handle that, but I'm concerned should I have a problem with my new car. I'd appreciate your opinion on whether its really an issue.

Asked on 21 April 2017 by TB254

Answered by Honest John
Actually it does help to stick with the dealer you bought the car from because it shortens the chain of liability if there is a deep dispute, for example if you want to invoke your right to reject the car. If it's only ever been touched by the dealer you bought it from he can't blame anyone else.
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