Insuring my second car is proving expensive - do you have any advice?

I'm comprehensively insured as the sole owner and driver of a 2005 Jaguar S-Type. I'm 77 years of age and have maximum protected no-claims. I fancy some top down motoring this summer so found a Volkswagen Cabriolet for £2500. It seems impossible to insure both at same time as the cheapest premium offered for the Volkswagen is £675. It seems silly as I am the only driver and cannot drive two cars at once. I could substitute the cars but that would leave one uninsured. Have you any advice please?

Asked on 22 March 2017 by davidlxv

Answered by Tim Kelly
At £2500 for a Volkswagen Cabriolet, I'm guessing it may be a Golf. If that's the case, insure it through a classic car policy. When you insure a vehicle, they will ask you what you use it for, this is usually social use, or with the extension of to and from a place of work. At your age, make sure the to and from a place of work is not on there unless you are still working. This massively affects premiums. Try googling classic car insurance and contact them directly. Don't use price comparison sites. I would expect the insurance on a Golf Cabriolet to be around £150 - £200 on classic car insurance. Also, I'm guessing you don't do many miles, and more so with two cars, so agree a limited mileage. You can always increase it part way through the policy should you wish to do some touring.
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