I have nine year of no claims - is it cheaper to claim on the insurance or pay for my own repairs?

My husband bumped my Land Rover into a bin. The side door is dented and has a large scrape on. What would be cheaper, to claim on the insurance (I have nine years protected NCD) or pay for the repair independently?

Asked on 21 March 2017 by chessyb123

Answered by Tim Kelly
The best thing to do is take your vehicle to a local bodyshop and ask them to quote for the damage. If the repairs are less than your excess, or perhaps even a few hundred pound more then it may not be in your interest to claim, as you will loose 20 per cent of your no claims bonus if not protected. Maximum no claims is five years. If your no claims are protected, as in your case, then you are allowed to make two claims in any three year underwritten period before you loose your no claims bonus. But you need to bare in mind, though it may not affect your no claims, you HAVE claimed and it WILL affect your premium next year.
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