What is a zero per cent insurance claim?

My sister has put a £200 deposit on a £3990 2012 Hyundai i10 1.2 today. When phoning for an insurance quote, the call centre operative asked her if she had an outstanding claim on the car from 2014. She said she didn't, as she hasn't yet purchased the vehicle, but when pushed further the lady would only divulge that it was a zero per cent value claim where no money changed hands. The independent dealer has not mentioned anything about this and an Experian vehicle check is clear. My sister is obviously put off buying the car and is aware she might lose her deposit if she rejects the sale. Can you advise further action? What is a zero per cent insurance claim?

Asked on 21 March 2017 by Andy Carter

Answered by Tim Kelly
It means a claim has been intimated by a previous policyholder and it has then been cancelled. This could mean it was a notification for information purposes only, or the owner claimed directly through the other party's insurance. Certainly have the car inspected prior to purchase, ask the seller the direct question "has this vehicle ever been involved in an accident". They have no duty to inform you if not questioned, but have to answer by law. You can cancel without loosing your deposit under the Consumer Act 2015 which gives a 14 day period. If you have provided a deposit on credit card, you are also protected by the Consumer Credit Act 2006. If you are concerned or worried, if the vehicle is not as fit for purpose as described or of merchantable quality, walk away.
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