Does the dealer have a responsibility to fix the warped discs on my newly bought Skoda Citigo?

I bought an 'Approved' Skoda Citigo two weeks ago from a local main dealer. The car has 29,000 miles on it and is still within the manufacturer's warranty period. The first time I drove it any distance I noticed that when coming to a stop it feels as if I'm lightly pumping the pedal, although I'm not. It can be felt at higher speeds but is more apparent at slower speeds. There's no vibration through the steering as reported in other Citigo braking questions on the site, but I would suspect that the discs could be warped. I didn't notice this on the test drive, but I took it back to the dealer and they inspected the brakes and they said that they found everything in order and suggested that it was down rust on the discs. They also stated that brake friction components are not covered by the warranty, which I accept, but I do feel that they do have an obligation to fully investigate and fix this as it was a fault that was clearly with the vehicle at point of sale. Given that I have had the car for just two weeks, driven less than 300 miles and reported this within a matter of days of buying, do they have a responsibility to fix this?

Asked on 27 February 2017 by Crabman66

Answered by Honest John
The dealer's statement that "brake friction components are not covered by he warranty" is nonsense. If they are not covered by an insure warranty they have to be covered by the dealer. If he says the problem is caused by rust on the discs he sold you, he has to replace the discs. No ifs, no buts. Any fault that could have been present or developing on the date of sale is the liability of the dealer for six months from date of purchase. See:
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