Am I liable for making a delivery for my work without having business insurance?

I was recently stopped for making a food delivery from the kebab shop I work in. On the day, one of our drivers did not turn up so the boss asked me to make a delivery which was very late. As I was about to do the delivery two constables walking by stopped me.I told them I work in the kebab shop half a mile away and the boss asked me to make a quick delivery. He contacted somebody over the phone and they told him to seize my car. Now I am probably looking at 6 points and a £300 fine. I need some advice please. Should I take the case to court and get a letter from my workplace?

Asked on 30 January 2017 by Qaseem azemi

Answered by Honest John
Technically you have committed an offence for driving without the correct insurance, but your boss at the kebab shop is legally liable for sending you out in your own car to make the delivery for which you were not insured. If you want to fight your case you will need a specialist solicitor.
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