How do I prove that my new Fiat 500X has various electrical failures?

I leased a 4 month old FIAT 500X Cross Plus that had done 3200 miles. I was turning into a roundabout when the steering wheel locked and I could could not steer the car. All dashboard lights came on and I could not turn the engine off. The handbrake had seized so the car could not be moved off of the road. When the car did eventually turn off after 20 minutes there were many error messages, including check engine, stop start failure, etc. The thermometer read -85 degrees. FIAT have tested it and have said there's nothing wrong with it but I am scared that this could happen again whilst I am driving on the motorway. I have contacted Fiat and the lease company but I'm getting nowhere. What should I do next?

Asked on 12 January 2017 by C Hockley

Answered by Honest John
This is an extremely bizarre sequence of events. No one believes you because you cannot prove it and OBDII diagnostics do not show any record of this happening. All you can do is itemise your complaint and send it by Post Office Special Delivery both to the leasing company and to the dealer principal of the supplying dealership. Keep copies and staple the certificates of posting to the copies. Then, if anything untoward happens again, you have at least made the first occurrence a matter of record.

I'm also adding this to the car by car entry I found another of electrical glitches with a FIAT 500X Cross. See:
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