Will my car insurance rise after a no fault accident?

Our Nissan Qashqai has been rear ended by another car while sitting at a set of traffic lights. The boot floor is damaged and crumpled, especially in the spare wheel area which pushed the wheel forward.

Its 2009 value was about £7000 at 48k miles. Any ideas how this is repaired and if so what effect it will have on its value? Also do we claim direct from the other driver's insurer or do we use our own? Are we entitled to a hire car while ours is being fixed?

The local garage uses an accident management company and a scratch is £1000 these days, which seems a rip off. That is before a hire car. Will this incident affect our renewal premiums? Can we claim this back from the other insurance company?

Asked on 6 November 2016 by sisi95

Answered by Honest John
Yes, even a no fault claim can put up your next premium because it makes you a statistically increased risk. Go to your insurer and have your insurer sort it out. Do not rush around doing anything yourself because that just gets in the way. Yes, you are entitled to a car while your car is being repaired or while you are waiting for a write off settlement cheque. Do not sign anything that makes you liable for hire charges if the other party's insurer refuses to pay for the hire car. Do not get involved with an 'Accident Management' companies. Yes, you could sue the other party for any 'damages' you suffer, including increased insurance premiums.
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