Can I fit non-Honda wheels to my S2000?

I have a S2000 (2005 model). It's been serviced by Honda recently and they confirmed that one of the front wheels is very buckled and the other front wheel is slightly damaged - no doubt due to pot holes.

My local dealer has advised me not to drive the car until the wheels are replaced. Honda has quoted £700 for two new Honda alloy wheels; however, I can get four new non-Honda alloy wheels for considerably less.

I'm unsure what to do, the car is in good condition, history of Honda servicing, only 71,000 miles on the clock and I intend to keep it for many years. Will there be any negatives in getting the four non-Honda wheels?

Asked on 30 October 2016 by AJE Cumbria

Answered by Honest John
Get four new non-Honda wheels, but you have to disclose this to your insurer. Talk to
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