Do you think Adaptive M Sport suspension is necessary on my new BMW 440i?

I'm looking to purchase a new BMW 440i. Please can you add some clarity to the wildly opposing views on the benefits, or not, of Adaptive M Sport suspension (£515)? All road tests in magazines say it's indispensable (because the test cars always have it fitted). The Leeds BMW dealer says they hardly ever order it for customers, nor do they put it on their own demonstrators. If I order it, I will have 19-inch wheels and runflats because I've currently got them on my BMW 435i without adaptive and I get on with it reasonably well.

Asked on 21 March 2017 by b6waf

Answered by Honest John
We recently drove from Estepona to Hounslow, cross country on ordinary roads from Estepona to Madrid, in a new G30 BMW 530d on 20-inch wheels and 30 profile rear tyres. It had (and really needed) the adaptive suspension. I was fine, but my colleague complained of backache for weeks afterwards.
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