DVLA fine for keeping my car off the road

I bought a new car five months ago. After collecting the vehicle, I transferred my insurance and took the old car off the road. I received a reminder Road Tax notification from the DVLA, so I SORN'd the old vehicle as it was off the road.

I have now received a Failure to Insure notification for the old vehicle because there was a gap between the vehicle being insured and SORN'd. This seems illogical as at no time was the vehicle on the road or being used at all. I would be most grateful if you would advise whether or not DVLA is correct?

Asked on 15 October 2016 by Rockape16

Answered by Honest John
Correct. Cars now have to be 'continuously insured' or SORN'd. See: www.mib.org.uk/reducing-uninsured-driving/continuo.../
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