Vandalised car - accept Insurance write off or attempt to fix?

My 2004 BMW 3 Series 316 Compact, which I have owned from new, was recently vandalised. The police are unlikely to find the perpetrators and the insurance company has indicated, if I proceed with the claim, they will write the car off.

I have replaced the smashed windscreen so that I am mobile. This was handled privately, not through the insurance company. The damage extends to the wing, bonnet, bumper and headlamps. We had been thinking of changing the car next year to a more practical five-door model.

I have checked online and the indicated part ex value of the Compact is £500 and the retail value of a 90,000 mile example just over £1000. Should I accept the offer to write off? My excess is £250, I have full no claims and protect it annually.

Asked on 11 October 2016 by Barry_John

Answered by Honest John
If retail is £1000 they'll probably value it at £750, which means, after your £250 excess, you get just £500. Might make more sense to do a deal, keep the car, and fix the roadworthiness bits with 2nd hand parts. But if you're happy with the £500, see if you can find a Toyota Auris hybrid sportwagon estate within your £14,000 budget to replace it. Not a 3 Series. Too many problems.
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