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Car caught on fire after only having it a few hours - will this be on my insurance or the garage's?

We purchased a small car, for our son's first car, from a small garage for £1500. The next day it seemed to be misfiring, so I phoned the guy. He seemed very helpful and said to return it for a refund. Before we could be that, the whole car burst into flames, total write off. Whose problem is this, the garage or my son's? If we were to claim on insurance, it would leave a black mark on my son's insurance.

Asked on 7 June 2017 by Barry

Answered by Honest John
I think that if the vendor does not willingly cough up you can hold him liable in Small Claims: If you get a judgement then it's vital to pay an extra £70 for a 'High Court Sheriffs Enforcement Order' so vendor assets can be seized. More effective than bailiffs.
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