Underinflated tyres on nearly new car

I recently bought a nearly new Yeti from a Skoda main dealer. I though the ride was a little firm but put it down to just being a different car - I had a Golf previously. On a whim I checked the tyre pressures tonight and found that they varied between 2.8 and 2.95 bar, the recommended pressure listed on the petrol cap says 2.1 bar.

I reset them and the ride is much smoother now. If I had been in an accident at the original pressures, would I have been at risk of not being covered by my insurance and legal problems as I understand that this can be the case if your tyres are underinflated. Is this correct?

Asked on 23 September 2016 by Richard Wilson

Answered by Honest John
Yes. The dealer obviously did not perform a proper pre-delivery inspection and released the car to you on its storage and transportation tyre pressures. This is extremely common. I've had two long-term test cars delivered to me in the same state. Everyone who buys a new car needs to check and adjust the tyre pressures.
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