Buying a Dacia Duster - Which model is best?

Which new petrol Dacia Duster should I go for with respect to resale in 3/5 years? (I do less than 6k a year mainly commute 16 miles total)

a) 1.6 4x4 Ambiance prime Basic spec that I can live with but, I love the special edition colour and 4x4 kudos.

b) 1.2 TCe 4x2 Laureate higher spec air con, electric mirrors etc....Better economy and lower tax.

Both are roughly the same price, I can't justify paying more for the 4x4 1.2TCe, as it no longer becomes a value for money vehicle.

Asked on 26 June 2016 by The Old Fart

Answered by Honest John
I added the details about the Duster 1.2 tCe 125 to the Duster entry in on Friday. This engine option and the 2016 range was only announced last Thursday. We won't get one to check out for 6 weeks of so. The 1.6 engine was new last year (not the original 1.6 engine), so whether to go for one with 4WD depends on if you're going to need 4WD. No point in paying quite a lot more for fuel from the less efficient engine and 4WD unless you need 4WD. All Dusters come on semi-off-road M+S tyres anyway.
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Great value for money. Spacious and practical cabin. Available with all-wheel drive for less than £12,000. 5 Stars for Duster 125 TCe 4WD.

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