Should we reject our Land Rover Discovery Sport?

My sister bought a Land Rover Discover Sport two weeks ago. She went back to the dealer yesterday to have some scratches sorted out. However, when the car came back, we found that the scratches had been replaced with faded paintwork. My sister is obviously unhappy. Can she reject the car or demand a new one?

Asked on 5 June 2016 by nick h

Answered by Honest John
This is an ongoing case where the dealer admitted to causing the scratches. In that circumstance, yes, you can reject the car. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 theoretically gives you the right to do with within 28 days of purchase. I would guess that the dealer principal is not aware that the repair was sub-standard. Speak directly to him and notify him in writing sent by post office special delivery that you reject the car for a full refund. He will then bend over backwards to remedy the situation.
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