Serious Engine Failure On Used Car Bought 3 Month Ago


I bought a Mini Cooper S 2009 plate just over 3 months ago (1/10/15) and a few days ago the engine cut out - the rac towed me to the nearest mini dealer and they think the timing chain/belt has snapped and cause damage to the rest of the engine. I have a 12 month extended gold warranty with the RAC and they have said I must agree to pay the £1200 for mini to take the engine apart to fully diagnose and then they will decide whether to cover it or not. This work is currently underway but if they do refuse to pay for the repairs (as a lot of warranties do!) where should I take it from there? It is a known BMW engine defect so do I ask BMW to cover the repair or the used car dealership I bought it from? The car does not have significant mileage for its age and has a full service history although not all through BMW as of the previous owner.

Asked on 9 January 2016 by Becca10113

Answered by Honest John
Forget the warranty. This is directly the responsibility of the dealer who sold you the car and you claim from him not the warranty insurer. See: It is illegal to claim on an insured warranty for a fault that was present or developing on the date of sale.
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