Mazda 6 timing chain jump after 41k - advice on compensation from Mazda

I purchased a Mazda 6 diesel 2.2 TS2 + 5 year RAC extended warranty from The Car Shop, Swindon and took possession on 28/09/12 with a mileometer reading of 38,076 miles. On 13/12/12 the car would not start and after the RAC had a look at it, was towed to Mazda in Edinburgh who diagnosed a slack timing chain tensioner causing the chain to jump.

Consequential damage to valve rockers means large repair bill of about £1,700 with parts not arriving until 17th Jan 2013. The car has been serviced by Mazda throughout its life. There is a Mazda 'campaign' relating to timing chains. My car has been checked at each service falling within the life of campaign and was last checked during its 3 year service at about 37,500 miles.

The Car Shop says that it will not cover repair through the extended warranty as the breakdown is due to normal wear and tear. However, Mazda has agreed to contribute about £1,200 to cost of repair. I have written them asking them to pay the full bill as I think the measures they have put in place to manage the timing chain fault have failed.

According to the service handbook for my car, the timing chain is not due to be replaced until 75,000 miles. If Mazda do not contribute the full amount to the repair bill I think they should explain that the fault is not normal wear and tear which would assist me in dealing with The Car Shop warranty.

Asked on 31 December 2012 by Ross2468

Answered by Honest John
Take The Car Shop to the small claims track of the county court for the balance of the amount.
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