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Issues paying VED monthly by direct debit

On the 10th October I purchased a used car from a dealership, while there I set up a monthly direct debit for car tax, as far as I was aware it was fine, I received an email confirming this and the dates at which payments would be taken. Fast forward to yesterday when the first payment was due, it wasn't taken, so I checked the DVLA website which confirmed that my car was indeed untaxed, turns out that even though it was taxed on the day it changed hands they revoked the tax because of a new keeper. I wonder how many innocent motorists have been stopped by the police and been fined/towed etc, not to mention how completely unhelpful and unrepentant they appear to be over the phone

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Paying VED monthly by direct debit has been available since 22nd October 2014: They say "the first payment will not be taken before the 1st day that the vehicle tax is due to start. You won’t be asked to make a payment at the time you arrange the direct debit." So actually, your d/d started on 1st November, 2015, leaving the car untaxed from 10th to 31st October. Normally when a d/d starts at a later date you can make a one-off direct payment to cover the preceding period, but you can't to pay VED. So monthly VED cannot apply to used cars. If you bought a car on 10th October you would have to tax it for 6 months or 12 months, retrospectively from 1st October. Further evidence that no one with a brain thought the new VED system through before it was implemented or even thought to warn 2nd hand purchasers that it did not apply to them.
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