Car insurance claim

A neighbour falsely accused me of hitting her car. She has gone through her insurance company. My insurance company have contacted me and said she has based it on the fact my car has a blue scuff mark on my right corner rear bumper and the damage on her car is blue too. However when I saw her car it has been scraped and damaged all of the right side of her car. My scuff is about three inches on the corner and couldn't have caused so much damage. How can I make them investigate further to prove it wasn't my car?

Asked on 28 August 2015 by Carrera

Answered by Honest John
Basically, tell this neighbour that you intend to take her to the Small Claims Court and sue her for the damages her libel has caused you. In court you will prove conclusively by photographs and measurements that your car could not have caused the damage her car sustained. Inform both your insurer and her insurer that this is what you intend to do.
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