How can I counter what is a fraudulent insurance claim against me?

Recently, after an emergency stop, my foot slipped of the pedal and I moved forward slightly, but I immediately put my brake on. Unfortunately I touched the car in front but there was no crash just contact. Upon checking both vehicles there was no damage so the other driver said leave it at that. But seven days later I received a message from the other driver telling me I had damaged her vehicle. I asked her to send me proof and upon receiving the pics, it's obvious that the damage was caused by taking something out of her boot. I have checked my car against the exact same vehicle and my car doesn't go near the supposed damage.

She then requested money so I called my insurance company After reporting what was happening to the insurance company - Haven - they have not investigated my car at all and have fined me £500 for late reporting an incident to them and I was honest about the fact I felt it was a fraudulent claim against me. My insurance company is not interested in finding out that I didn't actually cause the damage she's claiming for. What can I do?

Asked on 13 December 2018 by Deanne Cole

Answered by Tim Kelly
Raise a complaint, advise that you wish for them to defend the case on the basis of fundamental dishonesty. They cannot fine you, they are not the police. Raise a separate complaint about this, then escalate to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Do not pay Haven anything. Unfortunately, Haven is based in Gibralta which can make complaining awkward, follow the instructions to the letter. If the complaint is regarding our service please contact us straight away by calling us on 0345 0920704 or by emailing

You must be dealing with an agent in the UK, you need to look the agent up on the FCA register .Look up who is responsible for insurance mediation and complaint resolution and complain to them directly.

Also go on website,
You can also report it at .
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