Child hit my car, what are my options?

A young girl ran across the road without looking and hit the passenger side wing of my car. Very fortunately I was not going fast having just turned in to the road and the young girl has not been injured. She admitted she tried to run across the road without looking. I have notified the police and my insurer, but have had not response from either.

My car is a brand new Porsche and has sustained some damage to the wing, bonnet and light scratches to the paint work. It will go in to body repair shop for a full assessment next week.

I do not really want to claim for the repair costs from my insurer and the girl's parents have indicated that they have no spare money to pay me for the repair costs.

Do you know what happens in such instances other than taking legal action?

Asked on 3 May 2022 by pams

Answered by Sarah Tooze
Insurance company LV= General Insurance has advised us on this.

Its claims director Martin Milliner says: "Without knowing the full details of the case it’s hard to talk too specifically, but the options for the driver are threefold - pay for the repairs himself, make a claim on his insurance or begin legal proceedings against the girl’s parents, something we would strongly advise against. In all likelihood, given the girl’s age and the fact she said she wasn’t looking before crossing, any small claims court or judge would argue that it was an accident and the driver was equally culpable, regardless of whether he was driving within the speed limit. That course of action could also give rise to a counterclaim for the injuries suffered by the young pedestrian.

“The best course of action in the circumstances would be for the driver to pay for the repair out of his own pocket. However, it’s worth noting that as he has already informed his insurer of the crash, whether he makes a claim or not it will be classified as ‘open’ on his policy for at least three years and this could affect the cost of his insurance and his no claims discount position.”
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