A driver knocked my daughter off her bike, but won't pay for the week of work she's missing - what should I do?

My daughter, a bicycle courier, was knocked off her bike while working. The driver who ran into her admitted liability, but doesn't want to go through his insurance. He has offered to give her the equivalent of one weeks' statutory sick pay (about £90). I pointed out that she is self-employed and normally earns about £80 per day. She has been told by the hospital and her GP to rest for at least one week due to her injuries. I told him that the least he should pay is loss of earnings and the repairs to the bike. We have a receipt for the repair and proof of her regular shift pattern for the last year and we have recorded all our phone conversations with him. When I told him we reported the accident to the police and that we have a crime number, he became very aggressive and said he wants to meet me in person. I've checked online and the car he was driving at the time of the accident is MoT'd and insured. I suspect the car isn't his or he was driving it without permission. What would you suggest I do next?

Asked on 12 March 2018 by IanLB

Answered by Honest John
Do not try and negotiate yourself, you will prejudice your legal position. Contact a reputable claims management company or solicitor. Definitely do not meet him in person. Ask for his insurance details, he is required under the Road Traffic Act to provide them, it is an offence not to. Report to the police if he does not. Ignore anything he says and advise that it's in the hands of your solicitor or claims management company now.
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