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Who should repair my cracked windscreen?

I bought a 13-plate C-MAX from a main Ford dealer 5 months ago. As part of the negotiation to buy, I requested a stone-chip on the windscreen be repaired - which was duly done before car was collected.

Now the chip is a three inch crack. The dealer has offered to pay my glass cover excess (my insurer is Saga - protected no-claims and £75 glass excess) but I am concerned my premium at renewal (and for some time thereafter) may increase.

Reluctant to ask the question of my insurer for fear I won't like the answer and that they may record this as an "incident" or worse - which it plainly is not.

The dealer says the repair carried out was not guaranteed. Where do I stand? I don't see why I should be out of pocket in any way or have my driving / claims record blighted.

Could I reject car as not being of merchantable quality?

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Tell the dealer that if he does not replace the screen then you will have it replaced and will sue him for the cost using the small claims track of the county court, as it was plainly part of the contract between him and you for you to buy the car. Law here:
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