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What do you think of tyre repair kits?

Have you any views on the effectiveness of tyre repair kits? For example, how far and fast can one drive after using the product, and is any special skill needed? My own car, a 2012 Toyota Yaris, has such a kit provided.

Asked on 14 December 2013 by JG, Silsden,

Answered by Honest John
It just so happens that the TPMS in my Mazda 6 warned me of a loss of pressure in the n/s rear 200 miles into a 300 mile journey today. The culprit was a little bit of metal. I got the car to a motorway service area tyre pump, pulled the spike out with a pair of pliers, then started to follow the instructions for the tyre repair kit supplied with the car. I did everything correctly. Deflated the tyre. Removed the valve core. Squeezed the bottle of latex-like glop into the tyre. Put the core back. Then reflated the tyre, only for the glop to come spitting out of the very small hole in the carcass. So I called the RAC, who plugged the tyre and escorted me to a KwikFit that had the right size (different make) tyre in stock, warning me that the plug probably wasn't safe for the distance I needed to drive. Five hours from the low pressure warning and £254 lighter, I was on my way again. Tyre repair kits are not only even more useless than I thought they were, they are worse than useless, because once they have been used they render the carcass unrepairable. At least a space saver would have got me to a tyre depot with a tyre that could be repaired.
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