Mazda 3 spare wheel

More info than question. On 08/06/2015 Keith asked about spare wheels for Mazda 3. I bought a new Mazda 3 in Sept 2014. Tried everywhere for spacesaver from independent suppliers with no joy (including suggestions from HJ). Got quotes from a number of Mazda dealers ranging from £300 to £500. Eventually bought from Oakmere Mazda in Northwich, Cheshire at a cost of £309.71 fitted including jack etc. & new boot wheel cover to take spacesaver. Took over 6 weeks to arrive even though ordered on 2 Sept 2014. I think it may have come from Germany. You have to bite the bullet on this one!

Asked on 9 June 2015 by ed evans

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. As I wrote, Mazda UK needs to wake up to this. Bad news to annoy Mazda drivers when they get a puncture that is unrepairable by the glop supplied with the car, then have to fork out £260 for a new tyre as I had to. If the car had a space saver I could have driven somewhere to get the punctured tyre repaired. A spacesaver and jack should not cost more than £150 as an after-purchase accessory, but if it comes with the car it could put it into a different CO2 bracket.
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