Is it more expensive to insure an automatic than a manual car?

Having dropped a small coin into the cigarette lighter of my BMW 520d the local (non franchised) BMW dealer was unable to locate the offending fuse. The fuse diagram in the tool kit was not any help. However, having put the problem on your website forum I received a reply within hours, numbering the correct fuse. Many thanks for that. In our local paper folks are bemoaning the fact that it is more expensive to insure an automatic than a manual car. Is there any truth in this?

Asked on 21 September 2013 by DB, Barton on Sea

Answered by Honest John
That's a very nice accolade for the Forum. I wasn't aware of a hike in insurance for automatics. But it's understandable. Most people drive them one footed and lose control in manoeuvring situations, so that probably causes a blip in claims. If they drove two footed (left foot operating the brake) they could stop much more quickly. The only problem with that is the driver behind might not be able to stop as quickly as they can (which is why someone crashed into the back of me).
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