Should I let AA Claims Fast handle my accident repair?

Yesterday evening my car was rammed at the rear when I'd stopped at a roundabout. The AA (or rather Connoisseur Recovery) have taken my car off somewhere as it was undrivable. Whilst on the phone to the AA they connected me to their Claims Fast section, who informed me that they could repair my car, and lend me another in the meantime, and that they would claim from the other driver's insurance whilst not going through my own insurers (IAM) at all. As it emanated from the AA I am inclined to think that's a good idea. However, after a night's sleep and not being quite so shocked this morning, and not yet having agreed to anything, I would be very grateful for any comments you may have about this arrangement before I do so.

Asked on 26 January 2013 by AS, Harefield, Middlesex

Answered by Honest John
Claims Fast is an Accident Management Company and if the car supplied is a 'Credit Hire Car' and the other party's insurer refuses to pay for it, you would be liable for the costs. You need to clear this first with Claims Fast before you agree to or sign anything. And you have to report it to your own insurer anyway, so do that and ask what they think about the Claims Fast offer.
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