Car damaged by drink-driver - how should I proceed with my insurance company?

My car was hit by a drunk driver outside my pub. I have received information from my insurance. I have attached a copy of a form they have sent me. Can you tell me if this is a standard form and is there anything I should be careful of?

Asked on 14 April 2012 by JC, Coleford

Answered by Honest John
You have a choice. You can delay the repair until your insurer has obtained the necessary funding from the other party's insurer, or you can commit to the repair in the knowledge that if your insurer cannot get the money from the other party, you will be left liable. I assume you were insured third party. If you were comprehensively insured there would be no question of this.

Whatever you do, do not commit to signing a similar form for a hire car during the course of the repair, or you could be left liable for that too.
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