Why should I pay for insurance on a courtesy car after my new Volvo broke down?

I have used Volvos exclusively for the past 25 years. On 19 October 2012 I bought my brand new V40 and took it on the road for the first time. Within five minutes I had to return it because "Software Malfunction" was indicated. Several attempts were made to correct the problem without success and I was requested to leave the car for a couple of days to enable a full correction to be made. I live forty miles from the dealership and I was loaned a car, but I had to transfer temporarily my insurance, which has cost me £35.90. My request for repayment has been rebuffed. I do not understand why I should have to pay any money, as clearly the original car was not satisfactory. I would value your opinion and advice. In all fairness, I would like to add that this Volvo V40 is now a dream.

Asked on 26 January 2013 by BM, Beadnell

Answered by Honest John
This is probably age related because the dealer insurance would have covered the loan car up to a certain driver age. Ask for a meeting with the dealer principal of the dealership and tell him that if he does not refund the £35.90, then 'Honest John' will forward this shameful episode for publication, naming both him and the dealership concerned.

Update: Faced with this possibility, the dealer paid up.
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