Leased of his troubles

In the few months from new, my new car has been in the garage for over 2 months, of that we have been left with a small courtesy car, and some periods of having 'no car' for periods whilst the vehicle has been in for the repairs. The car is a lease vehicle and we have paid the full rate for the vehicle. The last occasion the steering went and we run into a fence, albeit very little to no damage, but this could have been very serious if this had been on a motorway. The car is from Lombard direct, and we have now said, as we are afraid to drive it because of the scare and unreliability/inconsistency the vehicle is “unfit for purpose.” Are we correct and should Vauxhall/Lombard provide a new replacement car. Hope you can help, as they are saying that they have fixed under warranty and that is all they have to do. We have also lost unbelievable amounts of time through the unreliability factor and total unreliability of the vehicle.

Asked on 17 April 2010 by J.W., Warwick

Answered by Honest John
According to another reader your remedy is to take the matter to: You need to claim under section 75 of the Financial Services Act. But you need professional assistance that I cannot provide.
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