Which mid-size estate would you recommend for £8000?

I have £8000 to spend on a mid-size estate. I have narrowed it down to the Mondeo, Passat or Vectra. I will get more for my money with Ford or Vauxhall, but will I get better reliability? Should it be petrol or diesel as I will average 15,000 miles per year, with a commute of 30 miles daily? Finally, should I go for the newest car I can afford and go for service history and not mileage, eg ex-company cars?

Asked on 28 May 2010 by davidrid

Answered by David Ross
You are definitely spot on with the last point. Try and get the newest car you can with as low as mileage as possible. This invariably means avoiding company cars. Not only does this mean your car will be worth more should you come to sell it, it also means you're less likely to have to end up paying for expensive repairs or big services (such as cambelt changes). Averaging 15,000 miles a year we'd suggest a diesel as you'll see the benefits of better fuel economy, so your running costs will be lower. In terms of your choice, you'll probably get more car for your money if you choose the Vectra but in terms of reliability, it's not as good as the Ford or the Passat. However, it does have a huge estate boot, so if you want outright carrying capacity - this is the ebst choice. But we'd suggest the Mondeo as it's better to drive and has a more comfortable interior. The TDCi diesels are excellent too
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